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Because I know better...

Brian Williams, anchor and managing editor

I will apologize on the air tonight for what was an honest mistake...and several of you were kind enough to e-mail us to bring our error to our attention. We called "midshipmen" "cadets" instead. I was going quickly through the item about the Pentagon allowing women to serve as submariners, and I made a mistake. While I don't look forward to seeing my Medal of Honor recipient pals who are Annapolis grads (all of them can lift me over their heads, all of them went on to BUDS training to become SEALS) and while the worst part is that I know better...there you have it: I'm sorry for the error. I'll fall on my sword...harpoon, whatever...tonight on the air.

I hope you got to see the story from Today about meeting my doppelganger. It was great fun and he's such a sweet guy. I'm preparing another great story about the 1960 U.S. Gold Medal Hockey team. Do not miss Kevin Tibbles tonight on the Canadian military, or his piece on hockey in Canada. Everyone continues to do great work from here. We hope you can join us tonight from Vancouver.