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The busiest airport anywhere...on water

Brian Williams, anchor and managing editor

We're here in Vancouver because so much of the world's attention is focused here—and judging from the emails to us overnight, a lot of our viewers have been understandably focused on the takeoffs and landings going on behind us.  For an aviation buff, its a great perch...we get to watch them come and go all day.  They are superb pilots, used to flying in all kinds of weather extremes, and they fly extremely durable, hardy aircraft—many of them fly Otters, easily the most ubiquitous prop plane in this region. The only problem is: they seem to take off right when we're ready to talk.  Last night I was fighting the aircraft noise at the top of the broadcast, at the bottom of the broadcast and in between.  Bob Costas opened last night's prime time coverage with a live report from one of the aircraft (as it came in for a landing) and Lester 
Holt (fellow aviation geek) is going to do a story on the robust flying business here. I think it might make better live television, however, if we change our backdrop a bit—so starting tonight, you'll see me against a different view of downtown Vancouver. It should mean that airplane noise will be less of an issue.  Sadly, our extraordinary run of beautiful weather here has come to an end. The rain is starting to fall as I write this, and it looks like we're in for a damp rest of the games—snowy on the mountains.

Another thing to look for: the two Brian Williamses. As our Canadian viewers know, I'm not the only on-air Brian Williams in North America. The OTHER one is the anchor of CTV's Olympic Coverage—more accurately, he's the Bob Costas of Canada.  He's a great guy (we've been in touch over the years) and a few days ago, with NBC and CTV cameras rolling, we had a great time together and hammed it up as we visited each other's facilities.  We'll show you a brief bit tonight, and I've put together a longer version for Today on Wednesday morning.

We hope you can join us tonight from Vancouver!