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Do you believe in miracles?

Brian Williams, anchor and managing editor

It strikes me, as I sit next to Al Michaels during the commercial break before our daily news update segment—that he is the man who gave us the number-one call in the history of broadcast sports—right up there with "The Giants win the Pennant!"  Last night at the hockey game, I thought of Al. We knew watching it (I was lucky enough to be there) that it was one of the best, and perhaps the most exciting, that we would ever see. We really did have mixed emotions—while wearing our USA gear and cheering for Team USA, walking out of that arena and into the streets of Vancouver was...interesting.  We listened to the sad analysis on sports radio all the way back to the hotel.

The games continue here—the news from home couldn't be more serious: terrorist plots, health care do-overs, Toyota's troubles. We will have it all for you tonight.  We hope you can join us.