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'Super Sunday' in Canada

By Lester Holt, NBC News anchor

Good afternoon from Vancouver. I'm back anchoring the weekend program tonight, and I may be the only one in town not wearing some kind of hockey paraphernalia. The local papers are calling it "Super Sunday" because of several key Olympic hockey match-ups including Canada vs. USA later tonight.

Canada's "own the podium" plan to dominate the medal count in its own homeland Olympics hasn't quite panned out, but the people on this country will not accept anything less than gold in hockey, their national sport.  Tonight's game is so anticipated that authorities have asked liquor stores in central Vancouver to close early for fear of unruly crowds. We're of course covering all the headlines coming out of the games including the rising American medal count and Apolo Anton Ohno's history-making night.

We'll also head to Afghanistan where Tom Aspell is covering the U.S. offensive in Marjah, and we will walk you through all those new credit card rules about to go into effect.

I hope you can join us for the Sunday edition of NBC Nightly News.