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The people you meet at these games

Brian Williams, anchor and managing editor

Olympians are not the crowd I usually hang with. And yet here at these games, working for NBC, you run into a staggering number of people—those you never think, as a TV viewer at home, you will ever get to meet or know.

For example: Every day, I seem to run into former U.S. Ski Team member Picabo Street. Today she was walking her son in a stroller and talking with retired women's hockey star (and NBC analyst) A.J. Mleczko.  Last night, after my wife and I attended figure skating, we got into the hotel elevator and I looked over and saw that the man with us was Dick Button. The one and only Dick Button. We got off at the same floor, and he gave us a world-class 10-minute instant analysis of the night's skating. Just now, en route to do my usual daily segment with Al Michaels, I ran into America's newest gold medalist: Evan Lysacek. I had profiled Evan before the games, and it was great to see him and congratulate him in person.  The people you meet around here!

We have all sorts of news covered for you tonight: from Woods to Lysacek, anthrax to Austin and everything in between. We sure hope you can join us from Vancouver.