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The view from Vancouver

Brian Williams, anchor and managing editor

I want my central message from here to be this: the Canadian people have been beyond wonderful.  Each and every encounter we have had with a Canadian has been pleasant -- despite the great stresses they are under in hosting the world.  A friend of mine says Canada appeals to American visitors because it reminds us of the best of ourselves, and our best times.  All those gathered here are cheering on the Canadian team (while not losing sight of the home team) and being alongside the harbor yesterday when they won their first gold of the games was a singular experience: A ship's horn blasted (tuned to the first four notes of "Oh, Canada...") and car horns sounded; bar patrons emptied into the streets and people cheered.  We knew without looking at a television that they had broken the drought.

When our broadcast gets underway tonight, we'll also be reporting on the tough slog for the American fighters in Afghanistan.  This new assault makes sense with what we saw there, on our last trip, a few months back. They had stepped up the tempo of training the Afghan commandos -- and it was clearly toward a goal.  The fighting will get worse before it gets better, and we are thinking about them tonight.  There is also political news -- and a lot more. We'll have it all for you tonight when Nightly News originates from Vancouver.