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Here's to the home team

Brian Williams, anchor and managing editor

My thanks to the wonderful Garland Robinette of WWL (the Big 870) in New Orleans for sitting down with us yesterday to answer a few questions. It is impossible to express what Garland means to that City--impossible to express the role he and others took on at the height of the disaster that was Katrina. I spent hours, many of them huddled in a car, listening to Garland and the volunteer on-air staff trying to inform and calm the audience. As we discussed yesterday, radio was a lifeline during those days.  Garland means more to that city than any other radio host I can think of...in any other major American city.

Tonight, snow once again approaches. Trouble may be coming in Iran. The misery continues in Haiti. The celebration continues in New Orleans. We have it all covered, and we hope you can join us tonight.