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It has happened. This will help.

Brian Williams, anchor and managing editor

Today I get to talk to one of my favorite Americans.  Garland Robinette, the voice of the Big 870, WWL Radio in New Orleans.  Garland is one of the voices—one of the people—who helped New Orleanians get through Katrina, and all that has followed. He was one of the people I was thinking about last night when the Saints pulled it off. I just have to hear his reaction to this victory. It is impossible to express my emotions for that team or for that City...except to say: I wish I was there, I'm thinking of them, and what a game that was. As a cultural "milestone," it was one thing (the "long suffering men" theme of numerous commercials became comical after a while), and as a football game, it was thrilling. It took a decided turn at the top of the second half. It was all Saints after that.

Here's to the New Orleans Saints and the people of the great City of New Orleans. I'll see you soon. Enjoy this. You earned it. The hard way.

We hope you can join us tonight.

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