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Major explosion

By Lester Holt, NBC News anchor

We're live from Vancouver again tonight. Here, and in our New York newsroom, we are monitoring that massive explosion at a Middletown, Connecticut power plant that was under construction. Early reports are that as many as 50 workers were inside. There are fatalities and injuries. We've had reports of people feeling it 10 miles away.  Ron Allen is there and will bring us up to date on the broadcast tonight.

We're also following the recovery and dig out from yesterday's East Coast blizzard, and it looks like more is on the way later this week.

By the way, that wasn't a "green screen" image behind me on last night's program. Our anchor location with the Vancouver harbor and mountain backdrop is really that gorgeous, though we've got low clouds and drizzle here this afternoon.  Hopefully it's dropping serious snow in the higher elevations where they could really use it for some of the Olympic events. Tonight we're counting down to Friday's opening ceremony with a look at the top 5 athletes to watch in the 2010 games.

We'll look for you tonight on NBC Nightly News.