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Termination notice

By Lester Holt, NBC News anchor

The Tiger Woods story has taken another big turn. We've just gotten word that Accenture has become the first company to formally cut its sponsorship deal with Woods, and they didn't mince any words in doing it.  A company statement says Woods is " no longer the right representative." An Accenture spokeswoman told us by telephone this is "an immediate termination."  We'll have a lot more on this development and the growing risk that other companies may follow suit.

We also plan to update a high altitude drama out west where a search is underway for two missing climbers on Oregon's Mt. Hood. The body of a third climber has already been recovered. It was three years ago this month that three other climbers died while trying to scale the mountain in a snow storm.

It's hard to believe someone can get in position to take a swing at the leader of a major Western power, but that's exactly what happened to Italian premier Berlusconi at a rally in Milan today. We've got pictures of the stunned and bloodied prime minister, and we will have the latest on the attack when we come on the air tonight.

Also from Italy, Amanda Knox, the American student convicted of murder, is speaking out about the verdict and about her anguished first night in prison after her conviction. We'll tell you what she's saying.

I hope you will join us later for the Sunday edition of NBC Nightly News.