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Covering a changing war

By Ann Curry, NBC News anchor

Brian Williams and I both anchor tonight's broadcast--he from Afghanistan, me in New York -- and this as the number of U.S. troop deaths in Afghanistan reached 55 for the month of October, the highest in one month since the war began eight years ago. That's because today, bombs killed eight more troops.

And, just as alarming, is another reason why the toll is up: Experts say the Taliban now has bigger bombs and more powerful IEDs--more evidence the war is changing as the enemy becomes more radicalized.

Also tonight, we make sense of the confusion over where people can get H1N1 flu shots, the anger that boiled over in Chicago at banks lobbying against financial reforms, and get this: there is now a Broadway stage production of 101 Dalmatians--with real dogs.

The chuckling around Nightly News is over the fact that the correspondent who will bring us this story is Kevin Tibbles -- so do not be surprised if you see a graphic long desired by some among our ranks: "Tibbles 'n Bits."

Oh help!

See you tonight.