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On the ground and in the air

Brian Williams, anchor and managing editor

In just the space of one long day (actually the equivalent of two at home, since we're just pretending to have slept), we've seen such an extraordinary mix of images: the regional Afghan commercial aircraft we flew this morning that still bore some of the interior markings of its apparent previous owner, American Airlines...the various nationalities among the soldiers at the air base in Kabul...the Army Major whom I first met (back when he was a Captain) when I visited David Bloom on the Iraq/Kuwait border just prior to the invasion (in the other war)...and the palpable sadness tonight in the dining hall (at the Army Special Forces camp where we're spending the night) when the assembled soldiers heard the news that 8 more Americans had been killed in action here today.

We've tried to send back (despite some very dicey satellite communications, made more difficult tonight by the first downpour of the coming rainy season) a full package of coverage of our travels so far -- including still photos, web videos and of course what we were able to assemble for the broadcast tonight.

VIDEO: Winning over hearts and minds

For now, we press on...and we hope you can join us for the broadcast tonight. My thanks in advance to Ann Curry for splitting the duty with us.