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NBC's Brian Williams to report from Afghanistan

— October 26, 2009 -- "NBC Nightly News" anchor and managing editor Brian Williams will report live from Afghanistan starting Tuesday, October 27 through the remainder of the week. For security reasons, NBC News is not announcing any details of the travel schedule within the country in advance, but the trip comes on the eve of President Obama's troop level decision and during the nation's presidential run-off.  It is Williams' second-trip to the region; the prior trip was in June 2008.

Williams will be joined by NBC News Chief Foreign Correspondent Richard Engel, and NBC News correspondent Adrienne Mong. Each will provide the broadcast with special reports from the region.
In addition to reporting for "NBC Nightly News," reports from Afghanistan will air on "Today," MSNBC, and msnbc.com. Also on msnbc.com, Williams and the producers traveling with him will blog on the Daily Nightly throughout the trip.
Williams has made four trips to Iraq during the current war. During his first trip early on in the U.S. invasion effort, Williams was traveling with the U.S. Army south of Najaf when his Chinook helicopter was forced down due to enemy fire. His traveling team was rescued and surrounded protectively by an Army armored mechanized platoon and was able to fly out to safety days later. Williams later became the first NBC News correspondent to reach Baghdad during the invasion and he also covered the Iraqi elections in March 2007.