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It's all about going home

Brian Williams, anchor and managing editor

First, my thanks to Jon Bon Jovi. As a New Jerseyan, I regard Jon and Bruce as our own twin towers of music in the State, and I was able to spend the morning with Jon (for a Making A Difference segment to air later this fall) focusing on his vast charity work. Like a lot of successful people, he has chosen to do great things with his money, and uses his name to shake astounding sums loose from others. Bottom line: like the work Bruce has done with food banks across this country (and other causes between the two of them), Jon has made life better for a whole lot of Americans.

On a sad note, the nation has lost another Medal of Honor recipient. He was a friend, a great patriot...and his death leaves 94 living recipients. Please take a moment and read the story of Len Keller. May he rest in peace.

I hope you can join us for tonight's broadcast.