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Back and ready

Brian Williams, anchor and managing editor

My thanks to Ann Curry and David Gregory for filling in for me last week and allowing me to take some vacation time.  From here on in, it's the "busy season" for our broadcast and the news business in general.  While I miss my job and my co-workers when I'm away, I candidly did not miss being on duty for the balloon story.  I'm afraid it combines a lot of the most unpleasant aspects of our society in one tidy little package. 

On a more serious note: The days ahead will bring some important moving pieces on health care and Afghanistan -- we will watch both closely.  I get the chance this week to address some military officers here in New York, an annual event I always look forward to, as invariably I see men and women I've met on trips to Iraq or Afghanistan.  It's always good to see them enjoying all there is to enjoy here in New York.