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Flu concerns

By David Gregory, NBC News anchor

After being transfixed yesterday with the story about kid who actually was never in the wayward Colorado balloon, we are going to turn our attention tonight to some disturbing new facts about the H1N1 flu. Our Science Correspondent Bob Bazell is tracking the developments including an upward trend in the number of childhood deaths because of the flu and a delay in the availability of the vaccine. I know parents who have questions about getting their children vaccinated, but I have spoken to doctors in recent days who say they don't see any downsides to doing it.

We have some other important news including the sticker shock going on among employees who are currently seeing the cost of their employer-provided health benefits going up. All of this as health care reform is debated.

As we prepare for Nightly News, I am tracking the Dodgers who must win today to keep up with the Phills.

I hope you will join us when I fill in for Brian Williams on Nightly News tonight.