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Scary situation over Denver

By David Gregory, NBC News

In the newsroom all afternoon we have been following the same story many of you have: this bizarre and perhaps tragic case of a Colorado 6-year-old boy floating away inside a makeshift balloon he crawled into in his backyard. At this hour we don't know what has happened to him, but as a dad I can tell you I have been sickened by it imagining how quickly a child can run off and get into a dangerous situation.

There are reports that a portion of the balloon-- like a box-- fell off. There are also questions about whether the boy ever crawled into the balloon in the first place.

On top of that, we are learning more about the boy's family which has appeared on a reality show and shows unusual interest in science and experimentation.

We are following all of this and will have complete coverage on it tonight.

Also tonight, troubling news for older Americans getting Social Security. You won't be getting a raise in payments this year. What's the political fallout?

Plus, the latest on H1N1: Are intensive care units ready for the onslaught? Bob Bazell reports.

I hope you will join us tonight as I report NBC Nightly News while Brian Williams is away.