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Campground homes

By Janet Shamlian, NBC News correspondent

Route 231 is just off Interstate 40, about a half-hour outside Nashville.  And like clockwork, the bus bound for Wilson Central High stops on the busy road every school morning at 7:10. It seems an unlikely spot to be picking up children until you see the campers and tents set up just off the road.
What happens when moms and dad lose their jobs and can't make the mortgage? Tough times call for creative solutions and we found one of them in central Tennessee. That's where families who used to own homes in suburbs near the campground are now living in it. It's a step toward stability, an effort to keep their kids in the same schools as they try to regain financial footing.
You'll find tricycles and strollers on Timberline's pebbled roads, and the campground office is stocked with school supplies -- free to any child in need.  For now, it's home...and one with a silver lining at that. These families who've lost so much financially say they've found something money can't buy; a neighborhood of people who care.
The school bus makes a daily pick-up at the Timberline Campground.
2 year old Zayin Renault shares this tent and camper with his parents and three older brothers