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Greetings from the Land of Motorcades

—  Brian Williams, anchor and managing editor

Walking down 6th Avenue today to an appointment, I watched a long column of NYPD cruisers snake through traffic, followed by a number of SUVs and vans--all black, all flashing with embedded strobes, all full of menacing security personnel--one of the SUVs had a telltale sign: one of the side doors was open a crack to allow for fast exit with weapons, if need be. It was the kind of rolling "package" normally reserved for high-level officials of the Federal Government in Washington and other U.S. cities. Then I saw the fender flag on one of the limousines: Turkey. 

The story is typical of the city streets here these days. As I write this, an NYPD helicopter is making low, elliptical passes over Midtown Manhattan--the President of the United States is here, and for that matter, the leaders of EVERYWHERE are here (including, apparently, Turkey) for the U.N. meeting, and the place is in virtual lockdown. The entire East Side of Manhattan can become a frozen zone at any moment. Locals know it but still get caught in it. There are so many officials, all with security details and motorcades...it's choking and dizzying, and I'm afraid it has become a modern-day imperative.

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