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Random notes

—  Brian Williams, anchor and managing editor

If you love television, if you watch a lot of television, last night was simply too much. Sensory overload.  I had two DVR's running -- I thought they were going to catch fire. Consider the dilemma in our house: the Giants game on NBC (sorry about the debut of the new stadium, Dallas), the Emmys, "Mad Men," "Curb Your Enthusiasm" and "Entourage." Add to the mix the fact that I can't (as a veteran of a dozen years in local television news and more at the network level) go to sleep without seeing the 11pm news...and you have a busy night in our household.

I spent much of the weekend in Chicago, in connection with the Medal of Honor Society Convention.  We assembled 53 of the 95 living recipients in Chicago, including 100-year-old John Finn, the first recipient of World War II.  We had a spectacular black-tie dinner Saturday night, and I was fortunate to host Mayor Daley and his wife Maggie at my table.  The City of Chicago has never looked better.  Day or night, it is simply breathtaking.  The people of Chicago could not have been better hosts, and the Recipients were overwhelmed by kindness.

We hope you can join us for our broadcast tonight.