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Terror plot?

Lester Holt, NBC News anchor

Good afternoon. We're back tonight with details of what led to the arrest of three men who federal authorities suspect are linked to an unspecified terror plot. Pete Williams is working the story for us tonight.

If you were near a TV this morning it would have been hard to miss President Obama as he was a one on one interview guest on 5 network programs, including NBC's Meet the Press. I'll chat with our Chief White House correspondent and Political Director Chuck Todd about the presidential TV blitz and whether it might move the needle in the health care debate.

Then there is the strange story of a psychotic killer whose therapy included a field trip to a county fair. Officials thought it was a good idea until that killer promptly disappeared, and now there is a massive manhunt underway. We'll have the rest of the story tonight on NBC Nightly News. I hope you can join us.