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Back from Atlanta and Washington

Brian Williams, anchor and managing editor

 A busy 26 hours of travel have now come to an end. I flew from New York to Atlanta to Washington to New York in 26 hours -- interviewed a former President and did a newscast along the way. Today, with apologies for not posting yesterday (no time, by the time I landed in Washington), I wanted to note two items involving the moving image. First, the moment at the Phillies game -- so good that we're going to tell the story tonight. And second: the passing of Paul Burke. My favorite film of all time is "The Thomas Crown Affair" -- the original -- and Paul Burke plays a great role in it. His interplay with Faye Dunaway, especially when she presents him with a certain gift, is priceless. For a New Orleans native, he affected the perfect Boston accent -- and played the role of conflicted crime fighter to the hilt. He was magnificent in other roles as well, big and small -- and is well-remembered, with clear eyes, in this morning's New York Times.

We hope you can join us for tonight's broadcast.