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Getting away from it all

By Lester Holt, NBC News anchor

Can a president of the United States ever find true seclusion? Probably not, but President Barack Obama and his family are giving it a try.

They arrived on Martha's Vineyard this afternoon to start their vacation, with no public events on their calendar. That is not, however, dampening the excitement among locals and other vacationers on the island. Our Ron Allen, who himself is a frequent Martha's Vineyard visitor, will tell us more about the first family's trip on Nightly News tonight.

We're also covering two more cases of airline passengers being trapped on the tarmac for hours on end. Michelle Franzen is looking into the question of what rights passengers have in such circumstances.

Large parts of Greece are on fire tonight. There have been 90 wildfires there since yesterday, with a major one now burning in the northern suburbs of Athens near 2 ancient temples. We'll have the latest on that as well.

I hope you will join us later for the Sunday edition of NBC Nightly News.