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Compton Little League is a diamond in the rough

By Lee Cowan, NBC News correspondent

NBC News CorrespondentsTim Lewis made a lot of mistakes in his life. And his new-found publicity is forcing him to face some of those mistakes head-on. There's no hiding from them anymore, whether he's on the street or not. But what is remarkable about him is his determination to turn his life around. And there seems to be a glimmer of hope in his eyes that this time, it just might work.

Tim is the first to recognize that no amount of apologies will repair the damaged relationships he has with his several children. It won't get him his job back as a surgical tech. It won't erase his drug or alcohol abuse. 
But what he's managed to do is to find something positive he can build his life around, and at the same time, help shape the lives of the young people in his neighborhood.  And in the end, that's really all any of us can hope for; that we make ourselves better people than we were last week, or the week before.
Tim's struggles aren't over to be sure. But he's picked himself up, and is moving forward with a strength and introspection we all should strive for, everyday.

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Editor's Note: Since NBC News first aired its "Making A Difference" story on Compton Little League coach, Tim Lewis, we've been flooded with requests from viewers expressing an interest in helping him. Unfortunately, because Tim is homeless, there's no address or institution that NBC News can independently vouch for, but Tim has suggested anyone wishing to get in touch with him, can best do so through a family friend.