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An ongoing chapter in aviation

By Brian Williams, Anchor and managing editor

As regular readers and viewers know, I'm an aviation buff to the point of obsession. I read all the books, visit all the websites and subscribe to all the magazines. I began to study toward my pilot's license as a young man living in Washington...but promptly ran out of money, and have not revisited that goal since becoming a married father of two. 

Obviously, any fatal incident focuses our attention on the individual aircraft, and so it is with the Air France crash. It's so terribly disturbing and so sad -- wondering about how those lives ended -- wondering how we are to prevent this from happening again. That the French pilots did what they did today is extraordinary.  This is going to require an investigation that allows no room for holes or conspiracy theories -- it will require the best technology our combined nations can muster. If there are items on the sea floor to be found, the U.S. Navy will find them -- they are the best in the business -- but the clock is ticking. 

In the meantime, our prayers are with the families of those souls lost on board this flight in this terrible tragedy.