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By Ann Curry, NBC News anchor

In for Brian who deserves a day off after this week, and the economy, with today's new jump in the unemployment rate, appears to be our lead story.

The rate is now 9.4 percent the highest it's been in more than 25 years..but the economic picture is actually more layered than the numbers because there are also hopeful signs the recovery has indeed started.

President Obama talked about Middle East peace today, and made an emotional tour of the Buchenwald concentration camp with Elie Weisel, whose father died there.

Tom Brokaw there too, files more of his interview today with the President on our broadcast tonight.

Tom Costello will have the latest on the tough news that the Air France crash investigators are back to square one, after debris found in recent days turns not to be from flight 447. Remember the batteries on the black boxes that would explain the crash last just 30 days.

There is more including a piece from me on women pushing for change in Iran, where President Ahmadinejad faces a strong challenge in elections next week.

Dare I mention our hour special "Inside Iran," airs sunday night at 7? Be prepared to be completely surprised.

Brian's back monday.