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Between war and peace

By Ann Curry, NBC News anchor

In for Brian, who's preparing for tonight's part 2 of "Inside the Obama White House," as White House officials react to a new audiotape message Osama Bin Laden aired today on Al Jazeera

They say it's proof Al Qaeda feels threatened by the President's outreach to the Muslim world.

It does specifically mention the President's trip to Egypt where tomorrow he is to give a major address that is to reach out to the Muslim world.

We are expecting to get a preview of the President's speech tonight from NBC's Chuck Todd.

It is possible that an open hand from the U.S. is making it tougher for terrorists to keep their fists clenched?

Either way, it's an important moment it seems in a world wavering between war and peace.

Tom Aspell will report about the anticipation in Cairo, where Muslims are awaiting to see if the President will say what they want to hear.

Lots of buzz here by the way about last night's "Inside the Obama White House." What are your thoughts about it?