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If it's Tuesday, it must be the East Room

By Brian Williams, Anchor and managing editor

Tonight's broadcast will be the first network evening newscast to originate from the East Room of the White House. Inside the Cabinet Room earlier today, I conducted our second formal interview with the President in the past five days -- all of it in preparation for tonight's prime time special, the first of two hours this week. We are now in a temporary workspace in the Old Executive Office Building next door to the West Wing, and are about to go into the NBC booth in the press room to record more of tonight's special. Then it's back out to the lawn for an interview or two, then into the East Room for Nightly News ... then out to the South Portico to start the special. It's aerobic television, but the material is worth it.

We can report that the atmosphere in this White House today was all business: the President was hours away from departing on the most important trip of his Presidency thus far, and his calendar is crowded ... it includes a visit by Nancy Reagan this afternoon.

Again, we're so excited to bring you this new material tonight. There's never been quite this intimate a look inside the working West Wing. We hope you can join us ... first for Nightly News, and later for our prime time special at 9pm eastern time, tonight and tomorrow night.