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The choice is made

By Brian Williams, Anchor and managing editor

If you've been following this space, then you know Judge Sotomayor was an early favorite of the analysts -- and you also know this piece was an early dissenting voice. I can safely report that the story got the attention of White House staffers, and it was quickly followed by this update by the authorĀ  -- including an apology for the original headline, and now the original piece is under great scrutiny, as is the author's possible motives. On another front, the New York Daily News has tried to clean up a biographical/geographic error that journalists keep making in profiles of Judge Sotomayor. Now we all get to watch it play out in the Senate, and the nomination will be among the background issues that the White House will be dealing with during our upcoming extended visit there.

After a Friday off for travel (my thanks to Lester) and a Monday off for the holiday (my thanks to Carl) I'm back on the job, and we hope you can join us for our broadcast tonight.