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Tumultuous events don't take a holiday

by Carl Quintanilla, NBC News

Carl Quintanilla, CNBC News Anchor & CorrespondentIt would be nice if, on this Memorial Day holiday, Americans could focus simply on the generations of soldiers and military personnel who've fought for their country -- and the freedoms we enjoy.

But it's never that easy. The tumultuous events around the globe don't take a holiday. And so, the news that North Korea launched a powerful nuclear test on Monday was a reminder of the geopolitical troubles that President Obama faces. Although the move was condemned by governments around the world, there is still no clear policy on how to deal with the North Koreans. Tonight, our Jim Miklaszewski walks us through what happened, and our Andrea Mitchell tells us what it means.

Normally, North Korea would be big enough news, but there continues to be fallout out of Iran tonight over the western proposal for that government to halt their nuclear research in exchange for no additional sanctions. Tonight, Ann Curry is in Tehran and speaks with President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad who is refusing that deal -- even as he faces a challenging re-election season, himself.

We'll pay attention to the homeland, too, with pieces on Memorial Day remembrances around the country, and we'll spend part of this holiday with the 150 soldiers of Viper Company, who are fighting in the most active battlefield in Afghanistan.

Finally, we'll close with a piece by our Jim Maceda, who looks at an entire generation of U.S. soldiers -- who served at Normandy and Iwo Jima -- who've been denied appropriate remembrances for years because of one reason: they were black. That longstanding oversight is finally being remedied. We'll explain how, and hope you'll join us tonight.