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The man who wasn't there

By Brian Williams, Anchor and managing editor

Normally tonight, with a few minutes remaining in the broadcast, we'd show a clip from the commencement today at Wake Forest in North Carolina. The speech was supposed to be given by Tim Russert. Those of us who loved Tim are, I think, still unable to believe that he isn't here to give it -- that we can't call him up to see him or talk to him about politics or Washington or his family. Today Vice President Joe Biden gave the speech instead, and his remarks about Tim were so affectionate -- and captured him so well -- they were almost hard to read.

That's where my thoughts are as we begin another week. I presided over the Peabody Awards earlier today, and got to present one to Richard Engel. Tim would have been so proud of the entire scene. He made everything better simply by being a part of it. My congratulations to Richard, and we'll look for you tonight.