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Is Obama bridging the divide?

by Lester Holt, NBC News anchor

President Obama has waded smack into the middle of the controversy that has surrounded his speech and receipt of an honorary law degree today at the Notre Dame commencement.  In his remarks, interrupted at one point by hecklers, he spoke directly about the criticism and used the opportunity to encourage respect for those with differing opinions on abortion. The issue does not lend itself to compromise, and the president certainly did not soften his support of abortion rights.  The question going forward is whether he can successfully change the tone of the abortion debate, especially as the nomination of a new Supreme Court justice draws closer.  

We'll have two reports from Notre Dame tonight covering the president's remarks and the protests that resulted in the arrest of Norma McCorvey. You may not recognize her by that name, but as "Roe"--she was the plaintiff in the landmark Roe vs. Wade abortion decision.

There was an interesting comment today from the president's budget director about the recession, and whether we have reached the bottom. We've asked CNBC's Maria Bartiromo to come on tonight to talk about that as well as signs to look out for this week that may tell us if the worst days are indeed behind us.

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