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Talking about another medium

By Brian Williams, Anchor and managing editor

For music fans, a new suggestion: Camera Obscura. Actually, they've been around for a while -- but some new cuts on their latest effort named "My Maudlin Career" deserve a listen. Specifically, "The World Is Full Of Strangers," "Swans," "Away With Murder" and "The Sweetest Thing." Among my fellow Dylan fans, consensus seems to be that "Forgetful Heart" is among the best efforts from his new "Together Through Life." If you haven't heard Dylan in a while, here's a hint … he sounds … like a much older Bob Dylan. Looking for something ephemeral? Try "Floating" by Julee Cruise, a standby for me. It's good when you're trying to fall asleep on an airplane. If she sounds familiar, she did the theme song for "Twin Peaks" a few years back.

Okay. I'm out -- from the music business we turn our attention back to the news business. My thanks to Ann Curry for allowing me some time off. We hope to see you tonight.