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A welcome, a puzzle and a finding

By Brian Williams, Anchor and managing editor


Today we welcomed back our Nightly News Director, Brett Holey, who ran in the Boston Marathon yesterday, turning in an impressive time. He reports relatively little pain, looks no worse for wear, and we are awfully proud of him for the achievement it represents.

So the internet "developing story of the day" is called "Confessions of a TARP Wife." It appeared originally on the Web site of Conde Nast Portfolio. Take a read, and now take a look at the Web-detective deconstruction of the clues sprinkled throughout her essay. It will make for a good East Side parlor game among the TARP set. What's the chance it's a work of fiction? 

Also, while I'm not a doctor (though I have stayed in a Holiday Inn Express numerous times), did anyone notice, during the Fox interview with former VP Cheney(content aside), that Mr. Cheney's breathing seemed noticeably audible and labored? Just asking...


Back to the news of the day: We'll have it all for you tonight, including a terrific piece our own Richard Engel did for us in Iraq. Early warning to our legions of Engel fans: He will be sitting beside me for his segment on the broadcast tonight! 


We hope you can join us.