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The best headlines of the day

By Brian Williams, Anchor and managing editor


How about the State Department web site briefly listing "Texas" as a foreign country? How about our favorite headline, anywhere, thanks to the folks at PC magazine today: "OPRAH HITS TWITTER, EARTH CONTINUES TO SPIN." Here's how it works: if I was on Twitter, I would have told all my followers that I was about to write that. Right now I'd be Twittering that I was writing about Twitter on my blog.

In other news, who says Washington people aren't fun? There's new evidence we're up to our necks in czars and finally: Peggy Noonan on what we're about to look like.

That was exhausting. Especially reading it all first. Off to do the newscast...please join us tonight, please have a good weekend while pausing each evening to watch my friend Lester...and we'll see you back here on Monday.