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Back in New York: New music, and the NYT

By Brian Williams, Anchor and managing editor

My thanks to Ann Curry for allowing me to travel back from London and rid myself of much of the jet lag from our week's trip. Back in New York today, where the following got my attention:

Correction of the day

This is a verbatim quote from today's New York Times corrections: "The Basics column on Tuesday about using quantitative reasoning to find an approximate answer to complex problems, misstated the number of utilities in a game of Monopoly. It is two, not four." Brilliant. Bravo.

New music of the day

While overwrought music writing always sounds like overwrought wine reviews, ("a hint of plum and accents of oak, with a woody finish...") the song "Kingdom of Rust" by the Doves is interesting for the influences that you can hear on just one listen: the Moody Blues, The Edge, the E-Street Band (keyboard and glockenspiel, for starters) not to mention the Chris Martin-esque vocals.  In the mellow category, another nice new one is "Everything Is Moving So Fast" by the Great Lakes Swimmers...their song "Palmistry" is also good. And longtime Leonard Cohen fans and followers may be surprised at the banter and humor on his new live recording.  I was. Especially strong are "The Future" and "Tower of Song." And it's been a while, so it deserves another mention: the great song "Dirty Dishes" by the Rhode Island bar band called Deer Tick. I've received a few emails from fellow fans...I notice they are getting a bit more traction. The new single by the 17-year-old Australian phenom Gabriella Cilmi "Sweet About Me" is hooky and great, and for something heavier, try "To Lose My Life" by White Lies...a couple of Brits who sound a lot like Interpol. And that's today in music.

Back to our day jobs: tragedy in Italy, three awful shootings in three days here in the U.S. The President continues overseas, and we'll end the broadcast with a Making A Difference report tonight. We're glad to be back at home base, and we hope you'll join us.