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Great things from 'America's Finest News Source'

By Brian Williams, Anchor and managing editor

Two great things from the smart folks at the Onion: One on a tree, the other should be seen by all fans of You Tube.

To more serious matters: we received the following viewer email from Kathryn M. in Yuba City, CA:

"There is a teacher at my son's school who buys groceries for her homeless and hungry students. She doesn't make much money and I'm sure she spends more on her students than she does her own family. She says she just can't sleep at night knowing that her students are hungry and she knows they can't focus if they're hungry. Thank goodness for people like her."

Kathryn's email (which we will feature on the air tonight) reminded me of the story of young Lyndon Johnson, whose first paid job was as a teacher in Cotulla, Texas, north of the Mexican border. He was horrified to learn that many of his young students were arriving at school in the morning not having eaten breakfast.  Folklore has it that Johnson brought food to the classroom, and quickly noted how much their energy improved. He later said that experience was the motivation behind a Federal program to supply breakfast in schools. 

There is history in everything if you look hard enough.

My thanks to Ann Curry for allowing me to spend some time with my family on Friday.  I hope you had a good weekend. We hope you can join us for tonight's broadcast.