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Remembering James Brady

By Brian Williams, Anchor and managing editor

A few odds and ends that otherwise may get by us: first, the astounding story of the 17-year conference call. For those of us who came to know the principals by covering the Clinton White House, this was a fascinating piece of work. From the same source, and just as entertaining, is a treatise on our national attention span these days, and the pace of change.  Tonight we will remember James Brady who wrote a lot of our contemporary history during his career in journalism. I happen to think his greatest contribution was his work on the Korean War. James was a First Lieutenant, rifle platoon commander (Bronze Star recipient) who I believe told the gritty story of combat in Korea as well as Paul Fussell did with World War II or Michael Herr did with Vietnam.

Speaking of all things military, some after we aired our story on "challenge coins", and I showed off my own collection, proudly gathered from years of covering the military, I continue to receive coins from some very nice viewers. While I note that the Marine Corps is so far in the lead among all branches of the services, I want to thank the kind and generous folks who have thought of me.

We have a lot of ground to cover tonight and we hope you can join us.