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Air Force One awaits President Obama

By Brian Williams, Anchor and managing editor

Continuing on a theme this week: you've probably seen the promos for the National Geographic documentary on Air Force One -- it includes new video of Obama that has been incorrectly labeled on some news reports as his "first flight on Air Force One." That is wrong. Obama, as President-elect, flew on one of the smaller, single-aisle 757's in the President's Air Wing. There was a Nat Geo film crew on board, and it appears they have added fresh Obama pictures to their existing documentary about Air Force One: but President Obama has yet to fly on Air Force One -- the 747 designated for his use. He has yet to fly...on anything...as President. Yesterday he toured the press briefing room with limited success -- and each day, we presume, the first family make another discovery about their new digs. But his first flight on the big plane (or the fancy green chopper) awaits.

We'll end the week the way we started it: with a lot of news. We hope you can join us, and I hope you have a good weekend.