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Hits and errors, the day after

 By Brian Williams, Anchor and managing editor

As America gets used to the photos of Barack Obama in the Oval Office, we're still recovering from yesterday's broadcast marathon. We were on the air for over 7 hours straight yesterday afternoon, then another hour for our special edition of Nightly News, then another in prime time.

From the looks of the incoming e-mail, the mistakes I'd like to have back are these:
1) Misidentifying Craig Robinson as my friend Reggie Love, the new assistant to the President. It's ridiculous and maddening, of course, because I know better... but I was distracted and made a mistake.
2) Misidentifying the Punahou School marching band from Hawaii in the Inaugural Parade -- a nice viewer named Nathan has corrected us that the band we showed was actually from Iowa. Their music was good enough to make the First Couple get up out of their seats and dance.
3) An anecdote I told about young Congressman Abe Lincoln losing his top hat at the coat check at an Inaugural Ball. I got the administration wrong (and stumped Michael Beschloss in the process...which is hard to do) and the correct answer was: President Zachary Taylor's Inaugural Ball.

I'm sure I made other errors over 9 hours of live broadcasting (more if you count West Coast updates for Nightly News feeds) but so far, those are the big three. We'll originate tonight's broadcast from our Capitol Hill studios before heading home tomorrow -- as Washington gets used to a new President and a new First Family -- and they get used to their new surroundings. We hope you can join us tonight.