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The Final Days

 By Brian Williams, Anchor and managing editor

Washington is all about Barack Obama right now, and so it's easy to forget that this period represents the ending for the Bush Presidency, and his 8 years as a D.C. resident. Last night the president and Mrs. Bush, who only seldom go out for dinner, climbed into a small and discreet motorcade to go to dinner at Secretary Rice's apartment at the Watergate. Later, the president dropped by a staff farewell party. The famously early-to-bed president still got to bed early, and tonight the Bush's, surrounded by extended family, spend their last night in the White House. Today the White House released a photo of the President. We're told he's making farewell calls to world leaders, but it could be anyone on the phone.

George W. Bush Spends Last Day As U.S. President
Handout image provided by the White House

What most people will notice is the look in his eye, the room in his shirt collar, the gray in his hair -- and how vastly different this man looked when he arrived here. There is already speculation about how much the job will age the new president. A living example of that is about to depart from the scene.

So begins an incredible week here, as we continue the inaugural festivities. We'll have all of it for you, starting tonight. We hope you can join us. I will come on the air tomorrow morning toward the end of the Today Show, and we'll stay on until the local news hour begins on the East Coast. We'll then be back for a one-hour edition of Nightly News with limited commercial interruptions, and later live primetime special. We hope you can be with us for all of it.