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Snow blast

By Amy Robach, NBC News anchor

As we wait to see if Lester Holt makes it back in time for the evening broadcast, it seems appropriate that we're doing a story on the first major winter storm of the year. The system is bringing snow, ice and rain to a large portion of the country. Lester is dutifully trying to get back to 30 Rock from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, and we wish him well! 

Also tonight, with unemployment levels at a 16-year high, NBC's John Yang will examine President-elect Obama's plan to create jobs and stimulate the economy. In addition, we have a heartbreaking story out of a Houston suburb where an aspiring professional baseball player was shot by police in his own front yard. Twenty-three year-old Robbie Tolan is in the hospital with a bullet in his liver, and his family believes racial profiling played a role, an accusation the police deny