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From the Washington bureau

By Brian Williams, Anchor and managing editor

We're in Washington tonight -- we'll be spending a lot more time here in the days and weeks to come -- where we will originate the broadcast from our NBC News Washington Bureau. Among other things, I will tonight attend the retirement party of my friend Brit Hume. When I replaced Andrea Mitchell as White House correspondent back in 1993, Brit helped to show me the ropes. As I constantly pointed out to him, because of the vast gulf between our ages, he had many more years of on-air experience than I did. He was always decent and fair, and he was a fantastic and easy traveling partner in a job that required a lot of miles in tight quarters. Back then, of course, Brit was ABC's White House Correspondent. Wolf Blitzer was there for CNN and Rita Braver was in the CBS News booth next door. It was a great working relationship, competition aside. At the party tonight we hope to take a reunion photo of the four of us. Only Brit looks younger than he did back then.

We've got a lot of news for you tonight, and we hope you can join us from Washington.