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Deadly warning

by Lester Holt, NBC News anchor

The phone rings, you answer and on the other end a voice tells you your building is about to be targeted in an aerial bomb attack and that you have just 10 minutes to leave. The practice goes by the benign sounding name "door knocking," and the Israeli military has apparently made several such calls during its 7-day bombardment of Gaza.

Tonight on Nightly News, correspondent Martin Fletcher will show us the result of one of those calls as it happens. Confusion and fear among a group of civilians as they flee moments before their building is destroyed. Martin will also tell us the latest on the build-up for a ground invasion, and the Hamas reaction to the death of one of their top leaders.

We'll also look at a growing crime trend in this country: bank robberies. They are way up in some parts of the country. Also, if you are a parent who has ever relocated for a job in the middle of the school year (and the new house isn't ready), you'll have some appreciation for what the Obamas are going through as they head to Washington. Tom Costello will show us the family's new temporary digs.

Brian will be back on Monday, but once again I'll be sitting in for him this evening. Thanks for checking in. I'll look for you tonight on NBC Nightly News.