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Christmas cheer

By Amy Robach, NBC News anchor

It's more than appropriate on this Christmas night that we bring you stories of Americans here at home and overseas spreading joy and goodwill. 

In Atlanta, Ron Mott will show us an army of cheerleaders, volunteers with the USO spending this holiday at the airport, welcoming home America's bravest from their latest missions and thanking those heading off tonight, back into the battlefield.

Also from Baghdad, a four star general getting into the spirit, trading his military hat for a Santa cap, thanking his troops for their service to this country. 

We'll also have Mark Potter's heartwarming story of amazing generosity to those still suffering in the wake of Hurricane Katrina as well as three singing priests from Ireland who have hit number one on the musical charts and are breaking world records with their hit new CD.

Nightly News begins this evening with a look at how the nation coast to coast is celebrating this Christmas, we hope you'll join us.