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There's news on Christmas Eve

By Ann Curry, NBC News anchor

Christmas Eve but news doesn't stop, and Executive Producer Bob Epstein starts our 2:30 talking about getting live pictures of the Midnight Mass underway at the Vatican at 6:30 ET tonight.

The good news is prayers are being answered today in the US. A break in the weather is allowing flights to take off and trains to run, so finally stranded holiday travelers are on their way home.

That isn't to say the weather nightmare ended. In Seattle, during the deicing of one plane the fluid got in the cabin and sickened some of the passengers.

Ron Allen has that story tonight, and will also have the other lingering weather problems nationwide, along with the forecast for Christmas Day.

We also have some news a lot of people can really use right now, there are huge discounts, by as much as 70 percent, in stores.

There is also a fantastic story by Jim Maceda about a man who gave up his law career to be a humanitarian 19 years ago, and has since become a force for good in the lives of children victimed by war in Afghanistan.

And Brian's story about the 40th anniversary of Apollo 8's flight around the moon, meant to run last night, will definitely run tonight. With all the troubles America faces on this Christmas Eve, seeing this first long view of our planet from space, may again lift us, reminding us we will rise again.