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By Brian Williams, Anchor and managing editor

The end of the last week before Christmas, it's snowing horizontally in New York: the season has arrived. Full confession: I've spent part of this afternoon in my office wrapping gifts and writing cards for co-workers -- and now the broadcast gets my full attention. Some of our friends here at work are slipping away for the next week or two -- it has that feel to it. We are saying goodbye to one of the best who ever walked these halls: our friend (he's got a lot of titles -- Senior Producer, Investigative Producer, author) Bob Windrem is retiring. Bob has broken a ton of stories over his three decades here; he has contributed to countless others. Most important are the stories that never aired, were corrected or knocked down before any damage was done -- all because of Bob and his sources and his dogged reporting. He's the dean of all of us ... a terrific, moral character and a good person to his core. Now all I have to do is ask him to leave his vast mind behind as he turns in his I.D. card and leaves us tonight. Hate to end on a sentimental/sad note...but then...if you knew Bob as we do, you'd know how sad we all are about his departure.

If you notice that I take some time off over the holidays, please know it's just to be with my family -- nothing permanent -- as far as I know.

We hope you can join us tonight.