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If it's Thursday... must be Sarasota

By Brian Williams, Anchor and managing editor

We arrived in Sarasota at 3am -- I flopped down in my hotel room and awoke this morning to the most stunning sight outside my window: water, and palm trees and sun. There was no time to do anything more than note it, as we were up and out this morning to catch up with the Obama campaign at an outdoor rally. Right now I'm in a cinder-block office, looking out the window at the aforementioned sun and palm trees, while on MSNBC I'm watching John McCain at a rally in Ohio, where it's so cold I can see his breath. How these candidates avoid being sick constantly is beyond me. I can tell you that the Obama campaign has a maniacal germ-avoidance program, in the form of ubiquitous bottles of hand sanitizer. Candidates for President, and the aides and Secret Service Agents who surround them, touch a lot of hands each day...and they cannot take any chances. Neither McCain nor Obama can afford to go down now. Five days until the finish line. We'll see you from Florida tonight, where it is absolutely beautiful.