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By Les Kretman, NBC News White House producer

As a cold angry rain and gusty winds blew across the Washington, D.C. area the past couple of days you could feel it in your bones. Change is coming not only in the meteorological sense --- but in the political sense as well.

The President last night celebrating the 150th birthday of Teddy Roosevelt reflecting on his own eight years in office after a performance by a Roosevelt impersonator in the East Room: "And, of course, it's good to see President Roosevelt. (Laughter.) Often times people ask me, do you ever see any of the ghosts of your predecessors here in the White House? I said, "No, I quit drinking."

Today the President visited the Republican National Committee headquarters to thank workers there. He's made similar visits the past couple of weeks to the State Department, the Pentagon and the National Security Agency.

The schedule now extremely skinny. A head of state here...an ambassador there. Outside the White House grounds, Pennsylvania Avenue is beginning to resemble a small construction site. Chain link fences are surrounding areas where bleachers and a Presidential reviewing stand will go for the inauguration.

And the second meeting today today of the Transitional Coordinating Committee being headed by two former chiefs of staff Bush's Andy Card, Clinton's Mac McClarty along with Jenna Dorn, of the National Academy of Public Administration; Norm Ornstein at the American Enterprise Institute and Max Stier, with the Partnership for Public Service. Their job aimed at making the change in the Oval Office as smooth as possible.

All what is happening is a given the last few months of a president's term...the leaves will soon leave the trees bare. Winter is around the corner.....changes.