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Remember them

By Brian Williams, Anchor and managing editor

Frequent readers know how I feel about those serving in uniform overseas, and those here at home who support them. A number of you wrote us some wonderful, emotional e-mails about Richard Engel's reporting from Afghanistan last night -- part two of his dispatch airs tonight.

Richard and his producer and camera crew risked their lives to show how the soldiers at that outpost risk their lives every day. (Click on the below photo to watch Monday night's report.) In tonight's dispatch, the fighting gets dicier, and tragedy strikes. Richard is now "safely" in Baghdad after leaving Afghanistan and beaming the videotape back to us.


We are preparing questions for tomorrow's interview with Sarah Palin and John McCain. Tonight after the broadcast, Chuck Todd and I will fly to Ohio. If any of you wish to submit questions as posts to this blog, feel free -- I'm still anxious to hear what people want to hear from Governor Palin, especially. We will see you from Ohio tomorrow night -- and we hope you can join us tonight.